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  A busy little town the Atlanic and the moor. According to local legend, King Arthur's Camelot was situated here; the legend also says taht he fought his last battle at the ancient Slaughter Bridge, which crosses a steam a mile to the north. Just south of the village is a footpath which leads on to the moor.

St Tudy
Nestling close to Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall, lies the picturesque parish and village of St Tudy, which has a long and distinguished history. It has grown centred around the original Celtic graveyard (God's acre) now containing the beautiful Grade 1 listed parish church and interesting 'Clink' building to the north.

The village name is derived from Tudy a 6th Century monk and missionary strongly associated with the founding of monasteries and churches in Brittany.

The form of the village is nucleated with a spider's web of lanes radiating from the centre. The village contains a Methodist chapel, primary school, pub, original forge and thriving post office and stores. The village is surrounded by many small country houses including Tremeer, Lamellen, Wetherham and Tinten, reputed birthplace of Captain Bligh of Bounty fame.

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