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  Camborne and its neighbour Redruth were once the centre if the tin and copper mining in Cornwall, now all that is left are the shells on the engine houses which can be seen highlighted by the skyline. The rapid expansion was due largely to the invention, by a local man Richard Trevithick, of the high pressure steam engine, which allowed mine owners to mine deeper, these skills were the exported all around the world.

Camborne today is still the home of the School of Mines, where there is a museum. Richard Trevithick is remembered each year in April when Camborne, celebrates Trevithick Day.

On the granite tor of Carn Brea there stands a memorial to the mine owner Francis Bassett, which can be seen from miles away. There is also a leisure centre of the same name. Visit the Mineral Tramway Discovery Centre, where you can find out about the network of old routes from the mining area to the coastal ports which now make interesting walks.

Also Cornwall Heritage Centre & Cornish Engines at Pool.

List of businesses situated in or near Camborne

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